Deco Diva Pencil Skirts and Cropped Sweaters

The Deco Diva Pencil Skirts and Cropped Sweaters have been in the works for a little bit, but I am happy to say I was able to get them up in our mainstore before Christmas! These pieces are now also listed on the N2 Marketplace.

I decided in making the pencil skirts, I wanted to play with materials and I had an art deco feel in mind. With each color of skirt, you will receive two versions: one with a gold glittery metallic pattern, and one with silver.  Each skirt has a texture change belt that allows you to change between silver and gold via the included HUD.

deco diva skirt vendor fat pack

The Deco Diva Cropped Sweaters also come in eight different colors. You can wear the coordinating colored piece, or mix and match for a different effect!

N2 Deco Diva Cropped Sweaters

Also, until January 1st the skirts and sweaters in the colors of Diamond and Onyx are on sale at a reduced price! This applies in store only. The items on the Marketplace will remain at their regular prices.

Mainstore Announcement & New Free Spirit Tanks and Gauchos

Yes! A dream has finally come true! N2 Pixel Studio has opened a mainstore location inworld! I wanted to wait until I had this new release finished before I officially posted anything about it. It isn’t much as of yet, but we are working on it!

When I first signed up on Second Life, I was interested in making clothing. I really wanted to learn how to do it. But it’s funny how life throws us curve balls, and takes us down different paths, getting us involved and busy with other pursuits. Other things pulled me away from learning how to design in SL. I tinkered some, and learned the basics however, at the time I could not just sit and do it.

This was a few years ago when I had attempted the craft. Things have changed drastically since then in both lives of mine, and I am at a place now where making things in SL truly makes me happy. It doesn’t matter to me if the things N2 makes are popular or not, I am just enjoying what I do.

I want to first thank Zaap Nirvana, Co-Founder of N2 and my SL partner for helping me to develop this hobby and supporting me in it. He has always been encouraging and my second set of eyes when it comes to constructive advice and critique!

I also want to thank the production team of The 24. I don’t think they will ever know how much it meant to me that N2 Pixel Studio was invited to set up a spot at the event. Without realizing it, they gave me a nudge to push myself further, to be brave and not shy away from trying something new.

Last of all, I want to thank the customers who liked a dress or other piece created by N2 enough to purchase it. Even if you simply tried on a demo, thank you. You motivate me to keep trying, to keep learning, and to keep creating.

Alright, enough of the serious stuff…let us get on to the fun part! The new clothes!

The Free Spirit Gaucho Pants and the Free Spirit Trapeze Tank are sold separately. Both the top and pants come in six variations.

You can find them all at the N2 Pixel Studio store inworld:

or on the Marketplace:

free spirit gaucho pants fat pack vendor ad

free spirit trapeze tank fat pack vendor ad

Heartbeat Cutout Mini Dress Debut at The 24 Event

N2 Pixel Studio Geartbeat Cutout Mini Dress

The Heartbeat Cutout Mini Dress by N2 Pixel Studio has made its debut at The 24 Event! I decided that in addition to the required Exclusive Limited Edition and Gacha pieces I made, that I wanted to also make a new dress to celebrate N2 being a part of its first event!

I was inspired by the Fall 2013 Pantone colors, and chose six shades that are absolutely gorgeous. The hem of the Heartbeat Cutout Mini Dress has almost a layered look to the skirt with a ribbon of semi transparency that gives the dress a lighter, flouncy effect. The transparency around the middle is also something that adds to the uniqueness of the bodice.

I really had fun making these dresses and I will post them in our N2 Pixel Studio Marketplace Store on September 1st!

For now, you can only get them at The 24! So, click here for a ride to our shop on the womenswear sim, and enjoy browsing all of the creations from many talented designers from around the grid!

Also, to stay updated on N2 Pixel Studio, follow us on Facebook by liking our page!

N2 Pixel Studio at The 24 Event

N2 Pixel Studio at The 24 in Second Life

N2 Pixel Studio is proud to announce our participation in The 24 Event brought to the Second Life metaverse by Siren Productions! This fashion event is also sponsored by some of the best brands and media companies in SL such as, AVENUE, Designing SL, KMADD, The Nest, and The Gay Archipelago.

The 24 takes place August 23rd-August 31st, 2013. It will include 24 awesome designers in the categories of menswear, womenswear, home and garden, as well as poses. Skin, hair, and accessory designers will also be present. Each designer has created a special limited edition creation that will be limited to 100 copies sold, as well as gacha items. Every day of The 24 will feature special entertainment, fashion shows, and industry parties for those who would like to attend.

This is the first event N2 Pixel Studio has ever taken part in, and it is a huge honor to bring our designs from the Marketplace to an inworld stage! We will post the location closer to the event date, but for now we will show you what we have made especially for this great event!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and news!

N2 Pixel Studio Boho Nirvana Silk Gaucho Outfit Limited Edition

Gypsy Strapless Dress by N2 Pixel Studio

Cowl Neck Halter Mini Dress

We have a small release for this week after months of little going on here! The Cowl Neck Halter Mini Dress by N2 is a perfectly sexy number for those summer club nights. It comes in four different color combos, each sold separately. We also have a fat pack option that includes all colors. Each dress has been made in five mesh sizes.

Visit our N2 Pixel Studio store on the Marketplace for demos and purchasing options!

exotica cowl neck halter dress

exotica cowl neck halter azure

exotica cowl neck halter dress magenta

exotica cowl neck halter dress palm green

exotica cowl neck halter multi


New Winter Release: Siberia Boots

Looking for soft and cozy footwear to keep your tootsies warm in Second Life?  Our new winter season release is perfect for your winter fashion wardrobe.  These steppers are in an ugg boot style, and come in six different animal fur inspired textures.  No worries however, no animals were harmed in the making of these boots!

For now, you can find them exclusively on the Second Life Marketplace in the N2 Pixel Studio store!


Welcome to the N2 Pixel Studio Blog!

I have been toying with the idea of an N2 Pixel Studio blog for awhile, and I finally got around to making one!  It is one more step in the inspiration process!

Our info is on the About page, but as an intro blog post I will fill you in a bit as to our hobby brand.  The reason I call it a ‘hobby brand’ is because it really is just that, a hobby of Zaap Nirvana and myself.  As partners and the N2 team, we have always enjoyed brainstorming and being creative together.  We believe Second Life should be a place where people can come together and have fun.  This brand is our fun.

We don’t set deadlines for what we create, we just do what inspires us on our own timetable.  Currently, you can only find us on the Marketplace.  There we have listed our women’s clothing.

Where do we see ourselves in the future as N2 Pixel Studio?  Expanding into making different types of items as well as possibly offering professional photography services.

Want to keep updated

on our news and releases?  There are a few other ways to follow our news and updates.  N2 Pixel Studios has its very own Facebook page, so be sure to add us there.  We also have a Flickr account, and if that still isn’t enough just feel free to add me, India Nadeau, on Twitter, Flickr, or Plurk!

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